Hello, world!

Get to know me - my name is Pedro Henrique Cacique Braga, but you can call me Cacique. I am a Computer Science Professor, passionate about Mobile Development and Generative Art.



Swift Playgrounds - A playgrounds subscription with my portfolio. If you are on an iPad right now, click the button below. Otherwise, copy this link and past it on the Swift Playgrounds App: https://pedrocacique.com/portfolio/feed.json


Machine Learning - Some experiments made with Machine Learning


Float race - Looking for a fun casual game? Take a look at my game!


Tic Message Toe - Let's play tic tac toe in a different way? Check this iMessage game.


Moniba - An app made for the Gulmakai Champions Network, from Malala Fund.


Generative Art - Take a look on these pieces of art generated by code.


Code Repository - Here you can see all sort of open projects I worked at.


Web snippets - Some random web snippets, made with HTML, CSS and JS.


See you - Finalist at the Comkids Festival 2018, São Paulo.


Illustration - check some of my illustrations. Most of them made as a hobby


Non academic publications - I have some publications on medium.com about random stuff, mainly about the subjects I teach and my daily discoveries. Want to know more?

Animações cíclicas em SpriteKit
WWDC 2018 - Dia 1
Swift Protocols - Associated Types
Codevember 2019 - days 1 to 10
Autoria de PlaygroundBooks - parte 1
Autoria de PlaygroundBooks - parte 2
Autoria de PlaygroundBooks - parte 3
Autoria de PlaygroundBooks - parte 4


Academic publications - You can find all my academic publications listed and available to download at ResearchGate. Check it out.

Programa de Índio

Youtube - I found out that there are just a few channels on Youtube that teach how to develop mobile apps in Portuguese. So I decided to share my knowledge and help many Brazilian students to learn and grow on their carreer.

My goal is to create content of quality and share everything I know. And I am still learning.

In this channel you can find videos about general development processes, design, ideation, coding in Swift, generative art, and much more. Most of the content I create is using Swift Playgrounds, so everyone can follow me!