iOS app - In 2019, the Apple Developer Academies were invited to create solutions for the Gulmakai Champions, the network of leaders of social programs from The Malala Fund.

We ran a great ideation process, close to representatives from the Malala Fund and Apple. At the end, we came with 4 different ideas to help the Champions in their daily work.

One of this ideas is Moniba. The name comes from Malala's best friend, who was there for her since the beginning of her story as activist.

This app's goal is to help the Champions to share their activities among their network, showing what they are doing and what kind of help they need.

Moniba is more than a virtual assistant, she is a friend!

This app is not available at the open App Store. It is only available to the Champions.

In this project, I act as PO and main developer. Contributing also with some illustrations and helped on the design creation.

If you want to know more about it, please contact me by email.